Bourbon Royalty- Room Spray

Bourbon Royalty- Room Spray

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Need a quick fix with fragrance - use our room spray to freshen up the home in just a few minutes! 

4 oz Room Spray



      Known as the bearer of good news, experience this rare and exotic floral fragrance with hints of chocolate. 

      Fais Do Do

      Create a Cajun party with this unique blend where floral meets the woodsy notes of patchouli and vanilla. 

      Garden District

      Take a walk down the oak shaded streets that are lined with fragrant flowers such as magnolia, peony, gardenia and jasmine. 

      Joie De Vivre

      Become the joy of life with this blend of citrus, fresh flowers, coconut grounded with a hint of sandalwood

      Orleans Tea

      Take a stroll down Chartres Street where you may encounter a French Creole tea chest with hints of ginger, white tea, and lemon.


      Escape to your own paradise with hints of crisp lemon, mandarin blossom, seawater, and coconut.

      Queen of Bourbon

      Experience the lavish Bourbon Street with a local favorite drink that marries the bite of rum with sweetness of cherry, orange and other fruits. 

      Zydeco Amber

      Like music to your ears, your nose will tingle with aromas of deep musk, amber and sandalwood with hints of cedar and sage.

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