Crawdaddy Face Glitter

Crawdaddy Face Glitter

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Glitter creations! Glitter goes on wet, dries and stays all day!

Crazy Creations By Collins Story- Local to Carencro, LA
Collins has so many new customers so she wanted to do another introduction ✨
Collins is 9 years old and started this business on her own 2 years ago. She wanted to buy an IPAD and her parents said she needed to earn the money on her own and that is how Crazy Creations by Collins was born. She has surpassed her iPad goal long ago and she continues to set new goals with the help of her amazing customers. She truly does everything herself, all glitter creations are her own and she fills every order herself. Her mom runs hers Facebook (she's still too young to do that herself) and drives her around for supplies.

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